Moldings, Moldings and more Moldings

We were visiting a car collection. They just happen to be restoring an Espada S1. We asked if there were any parts that they needed. Sure enough, early in the Espada’s life before the current owner, it had been in an accident. Most likely not being able to find a molding they decided to change all of the moldings to the aluminum with rubber insert aftermarket type.

I was able to make a set by using solid aluminum. This is a very labor-intensive process as you have the machine some very long pieces of aluminum. Also, you want to get rid of any marks from the machine, which entailed long-board sanding with progressively lighter grit. The moldings also have to be curved to fit the body.

I totally enjoyed making them.

Lamborghini door moldings
Milling a door molding
Lamborghini side moldings
All of these ends have different/multi angles
Lamborghini Espada moldings
Made a keyfob for fun
Lamborghini Espada. Moldings
Complete set of reproduction moldings
Lamborghini Espada side mold
Right quarter panel molding installed