Another Lambo back on the Road

Aaron picked up his car with rebuilt suspension front and rear. The new ride height is about 6 ½ at front at the jacking pad and about 7 ½ rear.  

We had dinner that night and went for a ride with Charles Nicholls. Charles knowing the streets around Aaron’s home questioned Aaron as to why he was going back on a street with a big dip. Aaron proceeded to drive through the dip without a scrape. Charles was impressed!

Aaron plans to put several miles to seat-in the suspension before we look at adjusting the spacers or is it, that he is having to much fun to bring it back so soon!

We Are Getting Close

Reporting in…that we are getting very close to having four wheels on the ground (lift-off or off the lift?). Basically today we were installing the last of the suspension items; brake rotors, calipers and the sway bar inner brackets.

Tomorrow we will be doing the brake bleed on all four wheels. Then it's time to load the suspension so that it is at normal ride height and tighten all the suspension bolts. This will keep the bushings from being over rotated in bump.

 We're pretty happy with how things were going together today, just the normal stuff like...why does the left side go on so easy and the right side gives us the problems? I am sure that tomorrow it will be the left side that will give us the most grief. I say grief but it's really a challenge and that's why it is so much fun to work on these Bulls!


Rear Sway Bar Blues
The rear sway bar is smaller than the front. It takes the same bushings as the front. Sleeves (factory) were added to the bar to compensate for the bushing size. These sleeves can become loose, as can be seen with this bar. The bar was thoroughly cleaned and the sleeves were reinstalled with epoxy. As with the case on most of these cars, floor jacks find themselves under the sway bar brackets...distorting the brackets. They were repaired painted and reinstalled.

Checking it over for Test Drive

It was a successful day today. Everything worked pretty well as far as the last put-together goes. We started by lifting the front of the car to take off the front wheels, Bled all four wheels, loaded the suspension by putting Jack stands with quarter-inch thick rubber pads in place of the wheels, installed outer sway bar bushings, tightened all the suspension bolts and reinstalled the wheels.


We went out for a few miles and decided to stop for lunch. We felt pretty good and the new ride was such a difference. Aaron will drive the car for a few weeks and let the suspension settle. I will measure and adjust the spacers to set up the correct ride height on all four wheels. So far, as predicted, the ride height is a little high. (You can always make the spacers shorter)


A side note, we installed stainless headers from England and also Aaron installed stainless center sections and rear mufflers from Maserati Source. In doing so this change the carburetor synchronization. We synced the carbs this afternoon also.


It was great to be in the car today and I look forward to seeing it again so that we can finalize the ride height.