There is a time to get Greasy

Greasy kid stuff! Yeah!


We had a good day at the workshop; we finally put something inside that rear wheelhouse. We are making good headway on Aaron's Espada and feel that we just have a few more days to go. Well, plus a few more days for the unexpected things that always happen.


Just to mention something that might be a good idea and that would be, to remove the long bolt that holds the upright onto the lower arm once a year, clean and re-grease. First, yes there is a grease fitting but is it is very ineffective. Second, after one year the bolt should be in perfect  condition and should come out easy.  Third, no parts needed just a little grease. I know it sounds like a hassle but these cars were really built with racecar type suspension uprights where maintenance was just not an issue as they were pulling these apart all the time on the racecars of that era.  Remember these young engineers wanted to go racing! As you know, taking one of these out after 40 years can be a real problem... No, a unreal problem! You will have to buy new bolts and related bushings, for sure. What's going to happen when GT Car Parts is not around? So it's just a suggestion... Think of it as preservation for our dinosaurs.

Lamborghini Espada bearings
Packing bearings
Lamborghini Espada greasing the bearings
Lay down wax paper on workbench for obvious reasons
Lamborghini greased bearings
The bearings are now loaded
Lamborghini Espada rear uprights
Espada rear uprights
Aaron with his rebuilds Espada upright
Aaron is looking pretty happy at this point
Lamborghini Espada half shaft
Espada half-shafts have CV joints
Lamborghini Espada CV joint
CV joint ready for installation
Lamborghini Espada CV joint installed
Ready to install the up right
Lamborghini Espada rear suspension
Rear end starting to look good
Lamborghini Espada rear suspension
Getting ready for rear brake rotors and calipers
Lamborghini Espada rear suspension
The hard part is over