"Keeping early Lambos on the road and away from your Garage!"

(Robert Huber)

This S3 was going to be broken up to sell as parts...when I saw her I said "She belongs back on the road."

After seeing this Lamborghini Espada S3 and knowing that it had been such a nice car. It would be a shame not to be repaired. Its engine at the time was in Aaron's green Espada series 2. Aaron’s engine needed some work so he had used the blue car’s engine. When the blue S3’s body and frame were repaired the engine was returned to it. We have recently installed the S2 original engine into Aaron’s green Espada.

Lamborghini Espada crashed front end
This Lambo was T-boned in the rear then hit a pole with the front
Rear of the Espada was hit hard also
Rear of the Espada was hit hard also
Fabricating anLamborghini Espada quarter panel
Fabricating the quarter panel
Lamborghini Espada quarter panel welded in place
Quarter panel pieces welded
Lamborghini Espada Hood repaired
The repaired frame is now bonded to the hood skin
Lamborghini Espada S3 at the Italiano concorso
The Espada arrives at the Monterey show
Lamborghinis in the courtyard
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