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The making of a pattern of a Lamborghini 350 GT Coupe

The Making of a Pattern for a 350GT

I will write more in a few days.

What you’re looking at is a pattern mold. This will be the 1st part in a series of photos that I will post. The subject of the pattern is a Lamborghini 350 GT Coupe.

This pattern is not to make replica fiberglass cars. This pattern mold is to facilitate remanufacturing accurate aluminum panels as per the original dimensions.

To do this we need a very good surface. The subject car is actually in need of new aluminum panels from the middle of the Fender forward. As with all of these cars, they have been bumped in the front. This car has its share of “plastic filler”. Essentially, the old bondo had been taken off and it has been determined that the best repair would be new metal then plastic filler was reapplied for the mold surface. We applied epoxy primer, buffed the primer and waxed the surface.

I know this seems all very elaborate, but I have a chassis that needs to be re-bodied and so I suggested that we make a full pattern so that we can make a very useful and accurate buck.

I will run a few photos in front of you and see what of think.  This is only the start as there are 8 more panels to be added to make the front complete . More to come!!!

Soon to be cute, Again.

Here goes it again, I’m bringing a wreck of a Fiat back to life. This car has not run since 1989. When it did run it didn’t run all that well.

The parking spot you see is the parking spot it has lived in for all those years. The neighbors have been kindly watering the car regularly. The window in the driver’s door has been halfway down all this time.

I must be a glutton for punishment. I will be adding a file on the left side soon. Essentially, the body is now painted and I’m working on the engine and suspension now. I find it amazing that the car actually was good as it is, but the floors had to be replaced and body dipped. The engine is completely worn out. I am having JE pistons make modern pistons for it. The bore will be 61 mm. These series 1 600s have the fewest parts available. If she was a 600D there would be no problem. Well I never like it too easy.