Red Bull at the shop

Let me start by saying that this Countach was not coming to the shop for me to repair just yet but to meet us to caravan down to San Diego for a photo shoot. The idea was to meet at the shop and then the Countach and the Espada would caravan down to San Diego. About 3 miles from the shop, one of the rear three-piece wheels came apart. The Countach stayed at the shop and all 4 of us went down in the Espada S1.

Trying to get parts for these cars is always a major ordeal. Being that this is a very specialized wheel, It took quite a while to get an inner rear rim. Also they had changed the design of the rim...It was now a pressfit.

While it was down here Ken came up with a small list of things to do. The major one was…can we get the air conditioning to work? I’m always up for a challenge!